Why Join OTY Cabs

Why Join Us OTY Cabs



Do you wish to achieve unsurpassed success in life? What is it that can make your dreams come true?! As a passionate and responsible individual, you will surely want to do something meaningful in life. It’s here that OTY Cabs emerge as the perfect partners. As the leading taxi service in India, OTY Cabs can ensure a safe and secured future for every individual out there. You will have the opportunity to earn up to 6, 00,000 INR in 60 months. Work is worship and if you take the job seriously, we will unravel new income opportunities for you!

Details of the work module

Before associating with the company, you must develop a clear idea of the work module, services, and opportunities provided by us. If you own a car, OTY Cabs will make sure you get the best chances to generate huge income. Here are some of the features of the work module offered by us:

  • Time Period: We offer a 60 month complete tour package to interested candidates. We will make sure you earn a whopping 10,000 every month which will result into 6, 00,000 in the total span of 60 months.
  • Swift-Dezire Tours: The Company will arrange and organize Swift Dezire Tours. All you have to do is have a vehicle which can ply on the roads regularly. From the financial aspects to other necessary factors, we will take care of everything else.
  • Mediclaim policy for drivers: The driver partners will enjoy certain special benefits too. We will offer a complete medical coverage of Rs. 10 lakh. In case of medical emergencies, this coverage will prove to be useful.

Your business association with OTY Cabs will be enriching, fulfilling, and profitable. The company strives hard to ensure collective growth for all its driver partners. You will get the chance to earn respect as well as innumerable profits from this association.

Why choose OTY Cabs?

Before finalizing the deal with us or starting to work with OTY Cabs, you should have a crystal clear understanding of the services provided by the company. Check out the reasons that make OTY cabs the Numero Uno in the taxi business:

  1. Your own business: The company offers the best opportunities and support to launch your own venture. You will also develop a unique vision about your dream venture and find ways to popularize it.
  2. Taxi permit: If you wish to earn and generate huge profits from a business, our taxi permit will help you to a great extent. We make sure that our driver partners don’t face any legal complexities.
  3. Permanent agreements: We nail down permanent agreements with our driver partners. You can opt for the 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years agreement with OTY Cabs. Attach your car with OTY Cabs and get the opportunity to earn 20,000 to 60,000 INR every month.
  4. Registered offices: We are the pioneering taxi service in India and that’s what makes us special. Driver partners can get in touch with us whenever they wish to through our 50 registered offices across the length and breadth of the country.

The partnership criteria

Do you plan to associate with us and translate your dreams into reality? If the answer is ‘yes’, you will have to take note of these criteria and make sure you fulfill them. Take a look:

  • The driver should qualify Class 12 board exams or intermediate
  • He should have a professional driving experience of 3 years
  • The car should run for 2000 kms every month
  • If the driver partner wants to cancel the deal with OTY Cabs and wishes to severe the attachments, a 3-month notice has to be issued on priority basis.
  • Both the car and the owner will have to undergo police verification.
  • The driver has to wear a proper uniform while driving. The uniform chosen by him should comply the respective season and weather.
  • The fleet has to be clean, comfortable, and tidy. It is the responsibility of the owner and the driver of the car.
  • If the car stays back in the maintenance workshop for more than 20 days, the owner won’t receive payments for the entire month.
  • The interiors of the car has to be tidy and the presence of hand towels, perfume, air fresheners, newspapers, and water bottles is mandatory.
  • While driving, the driver has to be careful about the traffic rules and safety regulations. Violating these rules will be strictly penalized.

Documents for reference

Interested candidates will have to produce the following documents before sealing the final deal. Check out the list and make sure you have all them ready:

  • ITR ( 3 years along with computation)

These documents will be essential and necessary for a successful and effective association. If you wish to get in touch with OTY Cabs and earn huge profits, make sure the official documents are ready and authentic.

Franchisee opportunities

Being the frontrunners in the Indian cab business, OTY Cabs offer franchisee opportunities to interested participants. We make sure that our driver partners gain collective profits from these investments.

If you want to take the association forward and establish a strong network of vehicles with us, here are some of the terms and conditions you need to follow:

Terms and Conditions

The partner has to possess certain qualities and fulfill the desired criteria in this context. In case you wish to become an OTY Cabs certified travel agent, these are conditions you should know about:

  • Educational qualification has to be in compliance with the job and our requirements.
  • The desired candidate should have an office space of 800 to 1000 sq.ft. The office space should be conveniently located and has to be well-furnished.
  • Interested partners should possess a minimum experience of 3 years in running a travel agency. That will be of paramount significance.

Call to action

If you dare to dream big and make money out of a respectable job, we at OTY Cabs will give you the best opportunities to do so. Get in touch with us and let us show you the untrodden path to success!

जीवन भर का जीवन बीमा और मेडी क्लेम पालिसी पुरे परिवार के लिए।
Where Dream Come True?
Where Are You Doing & What Are You Doing?
( जानिए आप यह किसलिए हैं और क्या कर रहे हैं )
Work is वरशिप (कर्म ही पूजा है)
Time Period:- 60 Months (Swift Dzire Tour)

इस प्लान के साथ गाड़ी मालिक को 10,000×60= 600,000 रुपए प्राप्त होंगे One Person Job Permanent all Charges Paid by Oty Cabs ड्राइवर को १० लाख रुपए की मेडी क्लेम पालिसी।
एक व्यापर ऐसा जिसमे है सम्मान और पैसा अपना खुद का व्यवसाय करने का मौका, व्यवसाय का नया नजरिया और भी बहुत कुछ। आल इंडिया टैक्सी परमिट गाड़ी मालिकों को विशेष अवसर जीवन भर कमाई करने का मौका । अपनी गाड़ियां OTY CABS के साथ अटैच करे और प्रति माह २०००० रुपए से ६०००० तक कमाए। संपूर्ण भारत में ५० से अधिक कार्यालयों का विशाल नेटवर्क १ वर्ष २ वर्ष और ३ वर्ष का परमानेंट एग्रीमेंट प्राइवेट कंपनी व सरकारी विभागों के लिए परमानेंट आवश्यकता है ।

1. ड्राइवर शैक्षिक योग्यता 1०+2(इण्टर) हैं तीन वर्ष का अनुभव।
2. गाडी की महीने की रनिंग 2000 किमी; है 2000×6 = 12000 (6 माह में)
3. गाडी मालिक को OTY CABS से गाड़ी हटाने कै लिए तीन महीने पाले नोटिस देना होगा।
4. ड्राइवर और गाडी मालिक का पुलिस वेरिफिकेशन कराया जायेगा ।
5. ड्राइवर को सर्दी और गर्मी के मौसम के हिसाब से वर्दी पहननी होगी ।
6. गाड़ी की साफ सफाई का विशेष ध्यान रखना होगा ।
7. २० दिन से अधिक गाड़ी वर्क शॉप में रहने पर महीने का पेमेंट नहीं मिलेगा ।
8. गाड़ी के अंदर तौलिया, परफ्यूम, मैगज़ीन, न्यूज़पेपर, पानी की बोतल का विशेष ध्यान रखना होगा ।
9. यातायात नियमों का विशेष ध्यान रखे ।

Finance Documant

PAN CARD, AADHAR CARD, ITR (3 Yrs. With Computation), 6 Months Bank Statement ADDRESS PROOF, ELECTRICITY BILL OR TELEPHONE BILL, 5 PASSPORT SIZE PHOTO Franchisee Terms & Conditions

800 To 1000 Sq. Foot Well Furnished Office Space.
Travel Agency चलने का कम से कम ३ साल का अनुभव अनिवार्य, शिक्छिक योग्यता ग्रेजुएशन ।