Terms & Conditions


The present contract is to be signed on the basis of the clauses, described on the back of the form. They are an integral part of the concluded agreement for renting a car.


With the present contract THE LESSOR rents a car to the TENANT under the following conditions:

  • VEHICLE is delivered to THE TENANT in excellent technical condition and a good appearance, with the obligatory equipment, required by Traffic police. THE TENANT has the obligation to return the car with all the documents given according to the terms and place stipulated and in the same state.
  • Delaying the returning of the car is to be paid out by THE TENANT having in mind a rate which is specified in the price-list.
  • THE TENANT, discharging its duties to return the rented vehicle for more than 24 hours since the date that expire the terms stipulated, without warning THE LESSOR, is concerned a misappropriation (usurpation) and THE LESSOR informs the authorities (THE MINISTRY OF THE INTERNAL AFFAIRS and THE INSURANCE COMPANY), putting up the car and the client for inquiry and reserving all the rights on that contract.
  • Damages, caused by THE TENANT as a consequence of an illegal use of the car (taking alcohol, drugs or taking part in a competition, etc.) are totally at TENANT’S expense.
  • Damages, caused by THE TENANT, for which the same does not hand in a written statement by Traffic police, are paid totally by THE TENANT.
  • The responsibility concerning damages to third persons, if they are caused through THE TENANT’s fault, is taken by him and he owes the sum, paid according the accident insurance “Citizen responsibility” by the insurance company in the total legal prescription term.
  • In case of loosing, destroying or steeling a counterfoil, or the number of the car, for a time limit of three days THE TENANT pays a penalty amounting to the owed rent price of the car.
  • In case of loosing, destroying or steeling a key, THE TENANT owes its equal value threefold.
  • In case of damages caused by THE TENANT’S fault, whose removal requires an idle time for the car to stay in a service, THE TENANT has the right to ask for the payment of 50% of the rent price of the car for the time limit of an idle time like a missed benefit.
  • The rent price of the car is determined on the basis of the price to use it for one day only, defined in a tariff, which is inseparable part of the contract, according to the rent period. It is paid in the moment of receiving the car.
  • The deposit is a guarantee for the car and cannot be used as a payment in case of prolonging the contract. After returning the car, the deposit is about to be given back. If any small objects are found missing or damaged, also in case that the car is returned without gas or with less gas than the concerned before, its value is kept back from the deposit.
  • THE TENANT is obligated to pay a deposit at the rate, determined in the tariff – in the moment of concluding the agreement.
  • In case of any damages caused, for which THE TENANT presents a written statement by the Traffic police, the deposit is held until the damages are paid by the insurance agent.
  • In case of any caused damages, for which THE TENANT does not present a written statement by the Traffic police, they are kept back from the deposit.
  • If the damages exceed the deposit sum, and THE TENANT does not present a written statement by the Traffic police or the authorities, THE LESSOR has the right to be completely provided for them.
  • THE LESSOR does not take the responsibility for damages, caused by the tenant or other persons, a result of failure of the rented car.
  • THE TENANT is bound to replace the car by other in 24 hours term at expense of the firm, in case that the rented by him car does not have the possibility to continue to the signed contract and the fault lies with the lessor.
  • THE TENANT is bound to:

a/ use the car according to its function and take care of it as a good proprietor;
b/ in case of car accident, damage or disrepair, to take all the measures necessary to save, reduce and/or contract the damages of the rented vehicle.
c/ in case of car accident or damage of the vehicle, not including small incidents – to observe the rules of Law of the motion in the roads and The regulations for its application concerning preparing a written statement and other documents. In a 24 hours term from the damage/the accident, but not later than the expiring term of the contract, the tenant informs the lessor about it, giving all the facts, circumstances and data (names of eye-witnesses, etc.). In connection with the accident, also to collaborate completely to the LESSOR and the insurance company to make clearer the incident and the damages caused.

  • THE TENANT has no right to:

a/ to use the car for pulling other vehicle or trailers, and also participate in competitions, teachings, trainings, tests; to transport large, loose goods.
b/ to drive the car drunk or after taking drugs or narcotics.
c/ to give the car to other persons or to use it for traveling abroad.

  • THE TENANT has to posses a driving license which is in order, with more than three years practice.
  • THE TENANT agrees his personal data, fulfilled in the contract, to be used for punitive and insurance amenability.
  • All the changes and annexes to the contract, including all the documents that represent its implementation are valid, if they have been prepared in a written form and have been signed by authorized representatives of both sides.
  • All the controversies about signing, changing, implementation or suspending the contract are decided through negotiations between both parties, and in case that no consent is reached – by the court of justice.
  • For all the unsettled and proceeding from the contract cases are applied the decrees of article 228-239 from Regulation of the obligations and the contracts, Law of the motion in the roads and the other bills from the operative legislation, arranging the relations between the sides. The contract has been composed and signed in two uniform copies – one per every side.