Privacy & Policy

Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy concerning clients of OTY Cabs Pvt. Ltd contains crucial information about how the company collects, saves, secures, and shares crucial data. The company is entitled to secure client data and safeguard its usage irrespective of the purpose. Clients will stand the chance of updating, changing, and modifyingas and when required to. This Privacy Policy also empowers them to take decisions regarding the usage of their personal information.

Offline and online agreement
This policy specifies the modules of the company both for ‘online’ and ‘offline’ modes. Online refers to the service rendered by us through our website, which is accessible from a desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. The offline mode deals with personal contacts, telephonic conversations, and mailings performed, operated, and provides by OTY Cabs.

  • These offline and online activities performed by the company along with facilitation of cab services through the inclusion of 3rd party investors are collectively termed as ‘Services’.
  • We strive hard to introduce and expand a business model that allows driver partners to join the ‘OTY Cab platform’ as business entities.
  • This particular policy also includes special services or features used by clients that include:

1.    The company controls or fully owns
2.   Made available through OTY Cabs services
3.   nteraction with services after incorporation of the Privacy Policy

Accepting the company’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ is important for every client. By accepting the regulations and companies specified by OTY Cabs, you agree to the ‘Terms and Regulations’ offered by the company. Customers should go through and review the policy before accepting the ‘TERMS AND CONDITIONS’. This will state the privacy measures taken by the company.
In case clients have questions about the ‘Privacy Policy’ specified by OTY Cabs, they can refer to the company representatives through a feature-rich mobile application or website.

Information procured by the company
OTY Cabs can collect crucial information through diverse means.

  • We have registration forms, account submission forms, and several ways to interact with the customers.
  • Clients can fill in these forms and get in touch with the company. The information provided by them should be authentic and true to their knowledge.
  • The present data fields and information include:

1.    Name
2.   Mobile No
3.   Email
4.   Password
5.   Mobile phone number
6.   Zip Code
7.   Address

Information collected and accessed by the company while clients use their services. The individual data produced by clients will be secured, safeguarded, and encrypted thus preventing misuse and loss.

Website security
The OTY Cab online platform happens to be highly secure. It leverages state-of-the-art, robust, and dynamic algorithms that make this information classified and secured.

  • Firewall for additional site security is also installed.
  • The server maintaining this information will also be secure and the company will make sure that access to this particular server is always authenticated as well as restricted.
  • Changes or modifications to information will be notified to clients, as soon as they take place. Email notifications should be in use particularly.

Customers should also maintain integrity while accessing company information thus preventing breach of contracts, fraudulent practices, or data loss.